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Dar Al-Hekma University South Campus (Headphones available)

Dar Al-Hekma University


+966-12-630-3333 E X T: 255, 624, 623, 817, 204

Test day registration time


7:00 am


8:30 am

Test venue address

Unit 2, Continuing Education, Dar Al Hekma University, 6702 Prince Majed-Al Faiha


There is a huge parking lot inside and outside the university

Other Information (food availability etc.)

We do have a restaurant that provides light sandwiches, desserts, and different healthy meals. I n
addition to that, we do have food and drinks machines.

Public Transport

We highly recommend the use of Uber and Careem which are reasonably cheap and viable.
Please see below the link to public transport:

Available test dates for this venue

Applications open: 1 Apr to 15 Jun
Results published: 30 Jul 2020
Applications open: 15 Apr to 29 Jun
Results published: 13 Aug 2020
Applications open: 29 Apr to 13 Jul
Results published: 27 Aug 2020
Applications open: 13 May to 27 Jul
Results published: 10 Sep 2020
Applications open: 3 Jun to 17 Aug
Results published: 1 Oct 2020
Applications open: 17 Jun to 31 Aug
Results published: 15 Oct 2020
Applications open: 15 Jul to 28 Sep
Results published: 13 Nov 2020
Applications open: 29 Jul to 12 Oct
Results published: 26 Nov 2020
Applications open: 12 Aug to 26 Oct
Results published: 10 Dec 2020