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Candidate performance 2017

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For the period covered by this report, OET was assessed on a 5-grade scale (A to E) and reports grades for each individual sub-test . Grades for each sub-test are shown here according to a variety of classifications. OET does not report overall grades, only for each individual sub-test.

Note: for country of origin and first language, the tables show the top countries and languages, listed alphabetically, not in order of the size of the candidature.

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Demographic Data 2017

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Test performance 2017

The reliability of each sub-test is reported using Cronbach’s Alpha, which measures the internal consistency of a test. The figures below show the average reliability values for the combined administrations of the OET test per sub-test in 2017.

  • Reliability of Listening sub-test: 0.88
  • Reliability of Reading sub-test: 0.83
  • Reliability of Writing sub-test: 0.82
  • Reliability of Speaking sub-test: 0.86