Delivery modes

OET is available in two delivery modes to give you choice, convenience and confidence

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Delivery modes

Whichever delivery mode you choose, the test tasks, format and level of difficulty remain the same.

OET on Paper at a Test Venue

The test of choice for healthcare professionals for the past 30 years

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OET on Computer at a Test Venue

The same test you know and love but on computer

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OET on computer

Watch our videos to become familiar with the OET on computer experience.

OET on Computer Tutorial

OET Listening Test on Computer

OET Reading Test on Computer

OET Writing Test on Computer

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OET on Computer at a test venue

OET on Paper at a test venue

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OET Speaking Test at Home

If you take OET on computer at a test venue, you will only take Listening, Reading and Writing at the test venue. You will take the Speaking test at home (or any other chosen location), using Zoom on a computer or tablet. Mobile phones may not be used.

Please see the OET Speaking Test Online User Guide for everything you need to know about the Speaking Test Online.

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