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What healthcare
say about OET

Why choose OET?

Prove you have what it takes to work in a demanding English-speaking healthcare environment. OET is advocated by past test takers as the most suitable test for registration, employment and visa purposes.

Success Stories

Hear from healthcare professionals who chose OET

“OET has given me the confidence that ‘here I am, I’ll be acceptable, I’ll be able to communicate’… It has given me the confidence that eventually I’ll be able to fit in.”

Nurse, Muulo Siwila

“There has been a massive improvement in my communication with patients and with my colleagues.”

Nurse, Storms

“OET gave me the opportunity I needed to start my career in Australia.”

Pharmacist, Anna

“A test that evaluates communication skills is the best way to achieve my goals.”

Doctor, Reza Nowruzi

“I felt welcome and relaxed, it was a good atmosphere to do the test.”

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Gunnar

“Once I got my OET, I could apply for jobs and got interviews straight away.”

Doctor, Tin MI

“The examiner role played as if I am in the hospital talking with my patient. I would highly recommend OET for health practitioners.”

Nurse, Hardik

More Success Stories

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“I felt more confident about taking a healthcare-specific test”

” I have already recommended OET to many of my friends who are willing to have an English test for immigration purpose for the following reasons :

  • It’s a great tool for people in the medical field to test their English with a great implementations in real life.
  • It’s now well known tool for all immigration purposes and employers.
  • The test itself is using a practical life scenarios.
  • It’s no classification just as general and academic.
  • Very easy to book for the exam due to very simple website steps. I didn’t have to ask or find a tutorial for how to book for an exam.
  • The tools being used in the exam itself (e.g speakers and headphones) are of good quality tools.
  • People reviewing and giving marks for the exam are human being not a computer based reviewing (unlike other English test exams) “

Pharmacist from Egypt 

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“OET uses real healthcare scenarios to test my English”

” It’s purely related to health professionals, thus I find it as an appropriate English professional test for me. It also helped me to improve my English proficiency skills and I feel empowered after my preparation and my confidence level has improved too. Moreover, I am using the learned skills into my current work which gives a sense of satisfaction and I also realized that I could complete my tasks much faster and efficiently when I compared to it before. Thanks to OET”

Occupational therapist from Singapore

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“OET is systematically organised. Perfect”

“Thanks OET team! While I plan to achieve an international English standard, I choose OET which assesses candidates SMARTLY through writing, reading, listening and speaking. How SMART it is; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely based. The content is specific to my field physiotherapy and thus I can apply the skills in my work, which is very valuable. Moreover, the past papers and guidelines are clearly stated and easily available on the internet or through online shop. OET is scheduled monthly in Hong Kong and finally I successfully get remarkable results. I strongly recommend healthcare team to test your ability through OET.”

Physiotherapist from HongKong

By DentistrySuccess Stories No Comments

“OET is designed specifically for healthcare professionals.”

“I would recommend this exam to other healthcare professionals because unlike the other English exams, the OET is designed specifically for healthcare professionals. The exam focuses on terminology which candidates have to familiarise themselves with, in order to practice in Australia. The examination was well conducted and the examiners for the oral exam were courteous, spoke clearly and were reassuring to candidates.”

Dentist from Malaysia

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