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3 ways to improve how you take OET practice tests

By 14 June 2018Test Tips
OET Practice Tests

Do you take OET practice tests wrong?

Using OET practice tests is a great way to get ready for OET. Not only do they help you get used to the OET format but they can also help track your progress. Taking OET practice tests can also help reduce your anxiety before Test Day.

To get the best out of taking sample tests, you should use them alongside other forms of study – such as skills practise.

Use OET practice tests wisely

It can be tempting to believe that you will improve your score by doing more and more practice tests on their own. However, practice tests do not improve your overall language level.

You need to work through the skills assessed during each of the sub-tests and use the practice tests to reinforce what you’ve studied. It’s a great way to help you put to the test the strategies and skills you’ve been practising and encourage long-term retention.

Follow the steps below to get the best out of your practice tests:

1. Check your answers 

Check your answers for Listening and Reading.

Don’t just focus on how many you got correct. Instead, focus on why you got some questions wrong.

Try to understand the reason for your error:

  • Not being careful enough
  • Misunderstanding the question
  • Not writing enough detail etc.

2. Get professional feedback on Speaking and Writing

Get some feedback on your Speaking and Writing performance. Feedback can help you understand how well you communicated in English.

This is more than just the accuracy of your English. It includes how appropriate the content you included was and how clearly you presented it.

The best way to do this is to enrol in a OET preparation course. Not only will this help get feedback, but they can also create a personalised learning plan to help you get the results you need.

3. Work on your weakness

One of the traps OET students fall into is to focus too much on their strengths and not enough time on their weaknesses.

By working on your weaknesses, you can bring up your score in the areas you need to improve.

You could study grammar and vocabulary, practise skills in non-test situations or look through the assessment criteria.

Once you have done taken these actions, then it’s time to give another practice test a try. If you use the tests in this way then you won’t need to complete so many of them as it will be a case of quality over quantity.

For more guides and strategies to taking OET, take a look at our Preparation Portal. You’ll find articles on grammar, guides to writing and other valuable resources.