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Are you being smart about how you complete OET practice tests?

By 14 June 2018Test Tips

Use practice tests wisely

Use practice tests wisely.

It can be tempting to believe that you will improve your score by doing more and more practice tests. One thing you will improve is your familiarity with the test format. This is important and will help you to feel comfortable on test day.

What practice tests can’t improve is your language level. Whenever you take a practice test you should do the following afterwards:

  1. Check your answers for Listening and Reading. Don’t just focus on how many you got correct. Instead, focus on why you got questions wrong. Try to understand the reason for your error: not being careful enough, misunderstanding the question, not writing enough detail etc.
  2. If possible, get some feedback on your Speaking and Writing. If you are enrolled in an OET preparation course, your teachers will be able to do this. You need to understand how well you communicated in English. This is more than just accuracy of your English. It includes how appropriate the content you included was and how clearly you presented this.
  3. Do some work to improve your weaknesses. Study grammar and vocabulary, practise the skills in non-test situations.

Once you have done these 3 things, then it’s time to give another practice test a try. If you use the tests in this way then you won’t need to complete so many of them as it will be a case of quality over quantity.

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