OET Writing Strategy Guide eBook: Everything you need to know abut the revised assessment criteria

This book is your must-have if you are preparing for the OET Writing test. Written by an experienced OET trainer after intensive research, this book delves deeply into each assessment criterion and stages of writing the letter, which, when used together, will have a substantial learning impact and develop the skills needed to pass the test with a score of 350 or above. It offers practical and efficient techniques for maximizing your score, along with extensive practice on 19 practice tests and essential grammar concepts. Each practice test is followed by a detailed explanation that allows you to develop the strategic thinking necessary for approaching the writing task.

This book includes:
• Detailed guidance on the revised assessment criteria with advice to improve your score in each criterion
• A review of important grammar concepts with a range of structured tasks within practice tests
• An overview of some common student mistakes
• 19 practice tests with answer expectations and detailed explanations for structuring your letter effectively
• Effective strategies to optimize your study time

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