OET Preparation Part-Time Afternoon Course by Wimbledon School of English

This course is intended for students with a professional or academic medical background who would like to prepare for OET. It is open to students at Higher Intermediate Plus level and above (B2-C2).

Course content:

  • Study a wide range of medical language, with a specific focus on ways of communicating effectively with patients and relatives
  • You will improve your reading, writing and listening skills while learning vocabulary and increasing your accuracy in your use of grammar
  • You will be given stratgies on how to approach the different parts of the test
  • You will complete a full practice test, after which you will receive detailed feedback and further practice to ensure the best possible result in the exam.

Topics may include:

  • medical histories
  • patient examination
  • types of treatment
  • medication – benefits and side effects
  • advising patients
  • surgical procedures
  • analysing real case scenarios
  • making and discussing a diagnosis
  • using specialised terminology
  • difficult patients.

The classes take place on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, which equates to 4 x 50-minute lessons per week. In total the lessons will take place over 3 hours and 20 minutes per week.

Classes can be held throughout the year. Students may begin classes on any Monday and may enrol for between 2 and 12 weeks.

There is a maximum of 14 students in the part-time OET class. However, we reserve the right to close classes if the number of students attending is low. The cost of this course option is £54 per week plus the £55 registration fee. There is no materials fee for this course option.

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