English Grammar Test + Exercises by Banfields Professional Medical English


Product Description

This English tests assesses your level in grammar. Banfield’s Professional Medical English will develop a learning plan to tackle your knowledge gaps and focus on your areas that need to be improved for OET.

What you’ll get:

  • 45 min test – 100 grammar questions
  • Identification of your knowledge gaps
  • Set of exercises to improve your grammar that is Tutor reviewed.
  • A report of results and recommendations from a Certified English Teacher
  • PDF Certificate of your overall CEFR English Grammar Level A1-C1

What will happen after I purchase?

You will be sent a link to the test in an email with a password
Follow the instructions and complete the test.
We will review all your answers and responses and send you a report with details and recommendations.
Sets of exercises will be sent based on your results. Complete a set and then additional exercises will be sent.

Access to grammar exercises and information is available for 30 days.

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