What is the Start for Success package?

The Start for Success package is filled with helpful OET preparation material, perfect for OET practice. Created by E2Language (OET Premium Preparation Provider), the package includes access to videos, lessons, sample answers, guides and more – all designed to help you prepare for success.

Fully understand what OET
wants from you

Build and practice your
language skills

Learn test-taking tips
and strategies

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start for success - overview video lessons

10 overview video lessons – understand what to expect from the OET

Short, high-quality video lessons that describe the format, timing, and rules of each sub-test (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking).

14 method lessons – helpful tips and strategies for approaching each sub-test

Learn strategic ways to complete the test to maximise your chances of success.

start for success - method lessons
start for success - complete practice test

A complete practice test – so you can practise before the test

There is one complete OET test (Listening A, Listening B, Listening C, Reading A, Reading B, Reading C) as well as a Writing sub-test with a sample answer for both nurses and doctors. Lastly, there is also a set of role-plays for nurses and doctors.

What will I get from the Start for Success package?

Video-based grammar
lessons with quizzes

OET-specific grammar
lessons (common errors)

OET-specific grammar

OET writing guide

OET Writing video

Writing skill-building activities

  • 300+ general video-based grammar lessons with quizzes
  • 4 x OET-specific grammar lessons (common errors)
  • 3 x OET-specific grammar activities
  • OET Writing guide PDF
  • 4 x OET Writing video explanations (explanatory videos that break down the sample answer and link it back to the ‘method’

Other skill-building activities

  • Video on how to boost speaking vocabulary
  • Simplified medical word list for explaining complicated medical terms to patients in everyday language
  • How to demonstrate understanding to a patient in a speaking role-play
  • Extended methodology lesson explaining various strategies and details about the role-plays

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Get the comprehensive preparation package containing videos, lessons, sample answers, guides and more – all designed to help you prepare for success.

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