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A comprehensive preparation package containing videos, lessons, sample answers, guides and more – all designed to help you prepare for success.

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Twice a month, ask an OET expert questions in a live Q&A and/ or focus on a different language learning topic in Prep Hour with Steve.

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Are you looking for a shortcut to OET success? Unfortunately, there isn’t one, just hard work and achievement.
17 April 2019 in Language Tips, Study Skills

Do you have a clear timeline when you’re writing about a patient?

Being able to communicate a clear timeline of events is important in the healthcare industry. Find out how to in this blog.
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10 April 2019 in Language Tips

Improve your writing by using ‘to’ correctly

The preposition ‘to’ can have a big impact on your writing accuracy. Take a look at these examples to get it right.
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9 April 2019 in Inspiration

How do you finish your shift?

Do you always finish your shift in the same way or is there no routine to how you finish your working day? Complete this sentence: The last thing I do before finishing my shift is _________.
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