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The All Stars Channel pulls the very best resources from our preparation partners, offering them free to test takers We’re working closely with OET Preparation Providers to deliver fresh, online resources that can be watched or listened on-demand.  

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Watch our online OET masterclasses for expert advice on all four sub-tests.

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Twice a month, ask an OET expert questions in a live Q&A, and get the answers you need.

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A comprehensive OET preparation package containing videos, lessons, sample answers, guides and more – all designed to help you prepare for success.

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Prep Hour with OET Online

Once a month, join either Steve or Catherine for these popular sessions as they analyse different aspects of healthcare English LIVE via Facebook and YouTube. OET Online is an endorsed Premium Provider.

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The OET Writing Guide

Everything you need to know about the Writing sub-test and the skills you need to pass!

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How do you use the correct article to describe body parts and locations on the body?

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Need to describe a location on the body or a body part? The grammar rules for use of articles can…
12 January 2022 in Blog Article, Language Tips, Preparation Portal

How do I use indefinite articles with sudden unexpected events or injuries?

Indefinite articles are placed before a noun (like an unexpected event or injury). Learn some good tips and phrases in…
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17 December 2021 in Language Tips, Test Tips

Are you confused when to use ‘the’ instead of ‘a’ and ‘an’?

Do you know when to use ‘the’ and when to use ‘a’ or ‘an’? If you're not sure, take a…
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2 December 2021 in Blog Article, Grammar and Punctuation, Language Tips, Preparation Portal, Writing

Use connectors to add clarity to your writing

Are you aware that sentence connectors add clarity to your writing? Find out how they help your readers better understand…
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