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Doctor and patient

Use the correct tense to write about ‘today’s visit’

| Grammar and Punctuation, Language Tips | No Comments
Don’t know which tense to use when reporting on a patient’s visit? Read this blog for examples of past, present and present perfect.
25 June 2019 in Language Tips

Do you know how to adapt speech to context?

Understanding a patient’s situation and context is important to how you should speak to them. Find out some of the key aspects to look out for.
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5 June 2019 in Grammar and Punctuation, Language Tips

Use connectors to add clarity to your writing

Did you know that connectors can add clarity to your writing by ensuring readers can understand the meaning of your sentences?
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28 May 2019 in Language Tips

Can you rate these five synonyms for tired?

Tiredness can be a way for patients to talk about their illness. Take the quiz to find out if you can rate these tired adjectives.
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