OET Preparation Provider Programme (PPP)

OET has developed the Preparation Provider Programme (PPP) to give OET preparation providers the knowledge and tools needed to run high quality OET preparation courses. It is designed for education institutions and teachers currently preparing students for OET, or those interested in starting a new course.

Benefits of the Preparation Provider Programme (PPP)

  • Skills and knowledge development required to develop a comprehensive OET preparation curriculum.
  • Access to high standard OET preparation materials, sample tests, teacher webinars and guides.
  • Access to Premium Provider status and associated benefits on completion of the programme.
  • Quality assurance for students, teachers and schools.

What’s in PPP?

  • Five lesson modules are delivered via Moodle, an online learning platform.
  • All PPP participants receive free access to Lessons 1,2 & 3.
  • Providers who apply for Premium training receive access to Lessons 4 & 5 for a fixed fee.
  • Premium Provider status and access to a wide range of benefits is awarded after successful completion of Lessons 4 & 5

Who is PPP for?

  • PPP is designed for English teachers and educational institutions.
  • Only preparation providers who have successfully completed PPP will be listed on the OET website.
  • All current and potential providers are recommended to register for and complete PPP.

Frequently asked questions

Go to PPP FAQs to find comprehensive answers to a wide range of questions about PPP.

More information

For more information, download the PPP brochure or email: The Preparation Content Team

Download this flier if you need a short document to explain the benefits to managers of undertaking PPP in your educational institution.

Register your interest in PPP

Fill in the form below to register your interest in the OET Preparation Providers Programme (PPP). We welcome interest from teachers, managers, marketing and other people involved or interested in OET preparation courses.

What candidates tell us

“OET has definitely made learning English a lot more easier. This is because every aspect of the coaching and the exam was well structured and organised from the very beginning. The best part of the OET experience was my teachers who really gave me a lot of positive energy and encouragement. They helped me achieve good grades in OET which I am satisfied with. The whole OET staff members daily do a lot of effort into teaching students the best way they can and in making the students achieve their career dreams. This definitely changed my perceptions of how learning English in the right way from the right people can change our lives immensely. Thank you all once again”.  Roshita Reji Rachel, Nursing.