Verify results online

Quick, secure and reliable

The OET Results Verification Service allows organisations who recognise OET to verify an OET Statement of Results (SOR) online in a quick, secure and reliable way.

Access to Online Results Verification service for Organisations

We provide access to the Online Results Verification service to authorised personnel in organisations which recognise OET.  Access forms, user guides and training are provided to organisations upon recognition of OET.

If you are a Candidate wanting to give verification organisations access to your results please click here for instructions

Results Verification FAQs

What is the process for verifying a Statement of Results certificate?

Once an official Statement of Results (SOR) is received, authorised personnel can use their secure login to verify details and ensure the SOR is accurate and correct.  There are several security features that help to verify that an SOR is an original.

When can I verify a Statement of Results certificate?

You’ll be able to verify a Statement of Results (SOR) as soon as you receive the original copy as part of an application.  SORs are issued approximately 16 business days after each test and may take 7-10 days to arrive via post.

What information does a Statement of Results contain?

The Statement of Results includes:

  • Full name as printed on passport (or accepted ID), OET Candidate Number, profession and Date of Birth, OET Venue Number, gender and nationality
  • Last OET administration taken under the same OET Candidate Number
  • Individual results received in each subtest expressed as a numerical score from 0 to 500 in ten point increments (eg. 350, 360, 370…) and mapped to a letter grade (eg. A, B, C+…)
  • Date the Statement of Results was issued
  • CEO’s signature