Verify results online

Quick, secure and reliable

The OET Results Verification Portal allows organisations who recognise OET to verify OET Results online in a quick, secure and reliable way.

Access to Online Results Verification for Organisations

We provide access to the Online Results Verification Portal to authorised personnel in organisations which recognise OET.  Comprehensive training is provided is provided to organisations upon recognition of OET.

If you are a Candidate wanting to give verification organisations access to your results please click here for instructions

OET Results Verification Portal

The OET Results Verification Portal allows authorised personnel to securely verify results online. Learn how to verify results with the training below.

Results Verification FAQs

What is the process for verifying results?

Authorised personnel can use their secure login to verify details and ensure results are accurate and correct. Refer to the OET Verification Portal Training to learn how to verify results.

When can I verify results?

To enable you to verify their results the candidate must give you permission via their OET account. You can directly contact the candidate to share their test results if they have not completed this process.