Become an OET Preparation Provider

Our candidates are professionals who deserve and expect a great preparation experience.

Our preparation providers share the OET values of excellent customer experience, high standards of delivery, respect, and integrity.

Interested in becoming an OET Preparation Provider?

OET has developed the Preparation Provider Programme (PPP) to ensure the knowledge and tools needed to run high-quality OET preparation courses is available to education institutions and teachers currently preparing students for OET, or those interested in starting an OET course for the first time.

What is PPP?

  • A self-access, self-paced course delivered via Moodle, an online learning platform.
  • Successful completion of Lessons 1, 2 and 3 leads to Preliminary Provider status.
  • Premium training is available in Lessons 4 and 5 to education institutions and private tutors who meet additional entry criteria*
    *Premium entry criteria includes a strong Preliminary assignment result and completion of an expression of interest process

Who is it for?

  • PPP is designed for teachers employed by small through to large educational institutions as well as private tutors.
  • Available to teachers with a recognised minimum TESOL qualification and teaching experience.

What are the benefits?

  • Gain the skills and accurate knowledge required to deliver an OET preparation course.
  • Access high-standard OET content, teacher webinars, and guides.
  • Earn a digital knowledge badge for completing the Preliminary content.
  • As a school or as a private tutor, achieve Preliminary or Premium Provider status (see PPP brochure for more details of the benefits attached to each status).
  • Quality assurance for students, teachers, and schools.


  • Around 10 hours of self-accessed content plus one assignment, submitted to and assessed by the OET Education Team.
  • Provides accurate knowledge about the requirements of OET as well as teaching best practice suggestions.
  • Supports providers to set up a short course using official OET materials.
  • Successful completion of the Preliminary sections and assignment leads to listing on the OET website.


  • Supports existing Preliminary providers to set up longer courses and create in-house teaching materials.
  • Successful completion of the Premium sections and assignments leads to prominent website listing and direct endorsement to candidates on social media and via email campaigns.
  • Use of the Premium Provider logo.

Apply to join PPP

We have three options to choose from depending on whether you work in a language school or as a private tutor, or if you are a new teacher joining an existing PPP account.