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Introduction to OET

Missed the live webinar? We have got you covered!

Preparing for OET? Check out this video and find out everything you need to know, including:

  • Why OET is the best choice for healthcare professionals
  • What makes OET different to other language tests
  • How OET is scored

How to Prepare for OET

Missed the live webinar? We have got you covered!

Give your test preparation a boost in this live session from OET. To help you get ready for test day, OET expert Alex takes you through:

  • Useful test preparation options and what test preparation involves
  • Our best free resources
  • Important tips for OET success + Q and A

OET Preparation Providers

Missed the live webinar? We have got you covered!

Looking for an expert to help with your OET preparation? Our network of preparation providers can help you ace your test. In this video, Alex and Rebecca share information about:

  • The OET Preparation Provider Program
  • The benefits of studying with official providers
  • How to find a great OET teacher
  • How to study for free with OET Official and OET All Stars

OET do’s and dont’s

Missed the live webinar? We have got you covered!

Discover our top tips for OET success in this video. Alex shares all the best recommendations for:

  • Test preparation
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

A must-see for all test takers!

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