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Why should you take a preparation course?

By 11 November 2017Inspiration
OET Preparation Provider helping OET candidates prepare in a classroom.

A preparation provider can help you get ready for your big day!

Why should you take an OET-certified preparation course?

As OET is the only global healthcare-specific test, it differs from general or academic English tests in a number of ways. So when it comes to preparation, you need to get it right.

We provide a range of free preparation materials that can help, including masterclasses, blogs, free online courses and articles. You can also purchase official resources such as our preparation books and guides from the shop.

If you’re looking for something to really give you that boost, you can also purchase preparation courses run by our Premium Providers from our shop.

While you’re no doubt an experienced studier, studying alone or even with a friend can leave you without the professional feedback you might need. A preparation provider can tell you what you need to focus on and provide tasks to strengthen your weaknesses.

Let’s take a look at why an official OET Premium Preparation Provider can help and how to choose the right one!

Benefits of a preparation provider

Preparation providers come in all shapes and sizes, which means you can pick one that fits your needs.  There are many options available for you depending on your preference for classroom, online or private tuition; budget and time limit.

The benefits of a preparation provider include:

  • Advice that targets weaknesses in your English language skills
  • Expert guidance through your preparation journey
  • New and unique preparation material, resources and activities
  • Personalised feedback that helps you reach the OET grade you want.

Official Preparation Providers are OET experts. Through diagnostic tests and other activities, providers can help you identify your key strengths and weaknesses before providing targeted feedback. You will also get access to unique materials and tailored help that can boost your scores and ensure you reach your goal.

You can find a list of providers on the OET website, including Premium Preparation Providers who have received an endorsement from OET. You can contact them directly to discuss your specific requirements.

So whether you’re looking for the intimacy of a private tutor or benefits of peer-to-peer learning in a classroom, our preparation providers have a number of options for you to choose from.

How do I choose the right provider for you?

Beyond the size and type of learning, there are a number of other key elements to keep in mind when choosing the right provider. Take a look at our three helpful tips below:

1. Do your homework first

Before you enrol in a course, you need to make sure you choose the right course for you. A list of questions to ask a provider could include:

  • Do you offer courses specifically for my profession?
  • Is your provision classroom-based or online or is there the option for both?
  • Is there a possibility for private lessons from the teachers?
  • How long are your courses?
  • Can you provide me with lessons for just the skills I need to pass?
  • How many students are in a class/ How many students are you supporting online?
  • What are your success rates? [Be wary of providers who claim 99% or 100%]
  • How often and how much feedback will I receive for the different skills?

Good providers will be happy to answer these questions and to discuss your requirements. That way they can make sure they are going to give you a package which has a realistic chance of improving your skills. To help them make sure of this, they are likely to want to know:

  • Your previous test scores (OET or other tests)
  • When you plan to take the test
  • How you study.

You might also be asked to complete a diagnostic test, which will help them identify your strengths and weaknesses. Following this, you might need more help than you initially thought, so be prepared to accept the guidance of the provider.

2. Making a good, long-term decision

Choosing to work with a provider is a good long-term decision. They can help you get the OET results you need as well as give you a strong foundation to use in your new healthcare career.

Preparing for any kind of test is really important.  We recommend talking to more than one provider before choosing one that best fits your needs.

Experienced providers will guide you through your journey. Not only will they help you understand the amount of preparation you will need to improve your skills to the required level, but also how to do this.

Their advice should be taken seriously. Effective preparation will help you to avoid poor results.

You should also factor your preparation time into choosing what date to sit the test. Taking the test too early can mean not getting the results you need and experiencing needless disappointment.

3. Premium Providers: A sign of quality 

We want you to be sure that you receive the best quality OET preparation, which is why we have the Premium Preparation Provider training programme for schools and teachers. Our Premium Preparation Providers can help you get ready for your OET by offering expert guidance and feedback.

Before a preparation provider can become premium, they must meet a number of key requirements that demonstrate their knowledge of OET and English language teaching. Part of this involves them taking an OET training course to ensure students gain effective guidance from their preparation courses. Our Premium Providers are the only providers allowed to advertise the courses on their website using a special OET Premium Provider logo. 

Non-premium providers who have started the training course and demonstrated a good knowledge of OET skills are also listed on the OET website but cannot use the Premium Provider logo.

While there is a wide range of preparation providers out there, we only recommend using Premium Providers displayed on our website or who have courses in our shop.

We all want you to succeed

You won’t necessarily have to study on a long course but contacting some providers, discussing your requirements and getting some feedback on your skills is sensible. It will mean that come test day, you can feel that you have done everything possible to give yourself the best chance of success. Something we all want for you.