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Why OET is the best decision you can make

By 21 July 2018Inspiration
Why OET is the best option for you

Why OET is the best option for you

Why OET is a good option for me

To work as a healthcare professional in an English-speaking country, the first step you must overcome is gaining registration for work. If you are a non-native English speaker, this will mean proving you have a high level of English. There are a number of different tests available which you can take to provide proof of your English proficiency. Only one test is healthcare specific: OET.

How OET works

OET is the English test for healthcare professionals. As such it tests your English by providing you with texts, audios, writing and speaking scenarios which are familiar to you as a healthcare professional. Other tests might ask you to listen to a recording about the invention of the light bulb or to write an essay to show your support for a particular opinion. OET tests you on real-life healthcare contexts.

OET respects that you have already completed training in your healthcare profession and have possibly been working in your profession for a number of years. As a test, OET respects that you are attempting to gain registration as a healthcare professional. The tasks which you complete in the test will be beneficial to you in the workplace once you have achieved registration. Preparing for OET will directly support you for work in an English-speaking healthcare environment. No other test can do this.

What our candidates say

We ask candidates to share their experiences of taking OET with us and these are shared as testimonials on our website. Here are some examples which may be of interest to you:

“OET has given me the confidence to face scenarios when they occur in reality and helped me to be more focused at work and manage my time.”

Nursing from India

“I would definitely recommend OET to other professionals. It will not only improve your language skills but also it will enhance your skills, knowledge and attitude in becoming a better health care provider.

It changed my life. I learned a lot of things doing OET especially about becoming a better and effective nurse. Also, it helped me build confidence and taught me the importance of patient and health care.”

Nursing from The Philippines 

“Practising the four skills of OET was very helpful in enhancing my English knowledge and increased my self-esteem in speaking and understanding English.”

Medicine from Iran 

“OET is more specific to your healthcare profession and helps to express yourself more confidently in the speaking and writing sections compared to other types of exams, which are based on random topics.”

Radiography from Bulgaria

“OET has helped me improve my English and it definitely will help me in my day-to-day job in the future.”

Dentistry from Japan

“It seemed more familiar with my occupation and helped me to explain medical terms in an easy understandable way.”

Pharmacy from Turkey

The English test for healthcare professionals

If you are considering whether you think OET is the right test for you, have a look at all the preparation material available to you on the OET website. Consider how relevant OET is to your healthcare profession by taking one of the free sample tests. Picture how preparing for OET is also going to prepare you for your future career in English.