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Have you ever been confused by a patient asking you this?

By 5 November 2017Language Tips
Under. Word of the week

Word of the week 'under'

Under is a very basic word but this question during a conversation with a patient prior to surgery might make you confused.

The patient is actually referring to the level of anaesthesia they will receive during the procedure.

In the past, the majority of operations were completed under general anaesthetic. This meant the patient would be ‘asleep’ or unconscious throughout.

To answer the question, you would need to know which type of anaesthesia will be used. If it is general anaesthetic, then you can answer yes. If it is local anaesthetic you will need to answer no and explain that this type of procedure only requires local anaesthetic.

It might lead into a discussion about why this is the case, so it will be good to have some ideas ready.