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Can you rate these five synonyms for tired?

Person tired or sleeping at their desk with work books.

Hands up who’s tired? Everyone?

Due to the long working hours, many healthcare professionals often complain of being tired. Patients also talk of tiredness as a symptom of not feeling well.

Tired has many adjectives, some which mean a little tired and others which mean extremely tired. Can you rate these tired adjectives from 1-5? (1= a little tired and 5 = extremely tired)

  • weary
  • drowsy
  • exhausted
  • sleepy
  • drooping

Answers below, don’t peek!

5. pǝʇsnɐɥxǝ
4. ʎɹɐǝʍ
3. buıdooɹp
2. ʎdǝǝןs
1. ʎsʍoɹp