The health and safety of our candidates, test venue staff and employees is of the utmost importance and at the forefront of all our decision-making as to whether we  proceed with testing in various locations, along with government restrictions and regulations.

We will continue to share updates with you on this page. As the situation is constantly changing, we also ask that you please check your email regularly for any OET communications.

For affected test days, please see the table below.

Location Test Venue Affected test dates
Australia, Maroochydore Lexis English 27-June-2020
Australia, Sydney Western Sydney University The College 13-June-2020
Bangladesh, Dhaka Futureed Corporation Limited 13-June-2020
Canada, Montreal ILSC Montreal, Canada 12-June-2020
Canada, Toronto CES - TORONTO 12-June-2020
Egypt All Test Venues 13-June-2020
Fiji All Test Venues 13-June-2020
Hong Kong All Test Venues Test suspended until further notice
India, Ahmedabad Planet EDU, Ahmedabad 13-June-2020
India, Amritsar Planet EDU, Amritsar 13-June-2020
India, Bangalore PEAR Academy Bangalore 13-June-2020
India, Bangalore Planet EDU, Bangalore 13-June-2020
India, Chandigarh Planet EDU, Chandigarh 13-June-2020
India, Chennai Ebek Chennai 13-June-2020
India, Chennai Planet EDU, Chennai 13-June-2020
India, Coimbatore PeopleEnglish Coimbatore 13-June-2020
India, Coimbatore Planet EDU, Coimbatore 13-June-2020
India, Hyderabad Planet EDU, Hyderabad 13-June-2020
India, Kerala, Cochin Ebek Cochin 13-June-2020
India, Kerala, Ernakulum Cambridge University Press India - Ernakulum 13-June-2020
India, Kerala, Kochi Planet EDU, Kochi 13-June-2020
India, Kerala, Kollam Cambridge University Press India - Kollam 13-June-2020
India, Kerala, Kottayam Ebek Kottayam 13-June-2020
India, Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram Planet EDU, Thiruvananthapuram 13-June-2020
India, Kerala, Trivandrum Cambridge University Press India Private Limited – Trivandrum 13-June-2020
India, Kolkata Planet EDU, Kolkata 13-June-2020
India, Mumbai Planet EDU, Mumbai 13-June-2020
India, New Delhi Planet EDU, New Delhi 13-June-2020
Ireland, Cork Cork English College 13-June-2020
Ireland, Dublin Centre of English Studies, Dublin 13-June-2020
Ireland, Dublin Exam Centre of Ireland 13-June-2020
Italy, Milan Language Point 13-June-2020
Italy, Pisa British School Pisa 13 June 2020 and 11 July 2020
Jordan All Test Venues 13-June-2020
KSA, Jeddah Dar Al Hekma Univeristy South Campus 13 June 2020 and 27 June 2020
KSA, Jeddah Dar al Hekma University - North Campus 13 June 2020 and 27 June 2020
Malaysia All Test Venues 13-June-2020
Nepal, Kathmandu Universal Language & Computer Institute 13-June-2020
Netherlands, Rotterdam Masterclass English Rotterdam, BV 13-June-2020
New Zealand, Hamilton WINTEC (Waikato Inst. of Technology) 13-June-2020
Nigeria, Lagos International House Trust Assessment, Nigeria (Lagos) 13-June-2020
Pakistan All Test Venues 13 June 2020, 27 June 2020 & 11 July 2020
Philippines, Baguio Ace, Baguio 13-June-2020
Philippines, Cebu ACE, Cebu 13-June-2020
Portugal All Test Venues 13-June-2020
Romania All Test Venues 13-June-2020
Singapore, Singapore Academies Australasia 13-June-2020
South Africa All Test Venues 13-June-2020
South Africa, Cape Town IH Cape Town Language Institute 27-June-2020
South Africa, Durban High Stakes Assessment 27-June-2020
Sri Lanka All Test Venues 13-June-2020
Thailand All Test Venues 16 June 2020, 13 June 2020 and  27 June 2020
UAE, Dubai Polyskills-International House Dubai 13-June-2020
UAE, Dubai University of Wollongong, Dubai 13-June-2020
UK, Birmingham International House London Birmingham 13-June-2020
UK, Brighton Medical English Plus 13 June 2020 and 27 June 2020
UK, Brighton Medical English Plus 13 June 2020 and 27 June 2020
UK, Cambridge International House London Cambridge 13-June-2020
UK, Cardiff Celtic English Academy, Cardiff 13-June-2020
UK, Derry Foyle International 13 June 2020 and 27 June 2020
UK, Edinburgh International House London Edinburgh 13-June-2020
UK, Glasgow Live Language 13 June 2020 and 27 June 2020
UK, Leicester Leicester College 13 June 2020 and 27 June 2020
UK, Liverpool University of Liverpool English Language Centre 13-June-2020
UK, London Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College 13-June-2020
UK, London Eurocentres London Central 13 June 2020 and 27 June 2020
UK, London The London Exam Centre 13 June 2020 and 27 June 2020
UK, Nottingham Nottingham Language Academy 13-June-2020
UK, Portsmouth LSI Portsmouth 13 June 2020 and 27 June 2020
UK, Torquay Kaplan International English Torquay 13 June 2020, 27 June 2020 & 11 July 2020
USA, New York Rennert International Manhattan 12 June 2020 and 26 June 2020
USA, San Diego Oxford International San Diego 12 June 2020 and 26 June 2020

All affected candidates are being advised by email as soon as a decision regarding their test venue is made.

Have a question? Read our FAQs below.

FAQs for Test Delivery Partners

For candidate FAQs, please see here.

What does OET consider when deciding whether to cancel testing?

We make the decision to cancel a test based on the advice from your country’s health authorities, government and the World Health Organization.

What happens with candidates if you cancel the test?

We offer candidates a free deferral to another test date or a full refund.

What if I'd like to cancel the test at my venue based on advice from health authorities?

Please let us know straight away so that we can cancel the test in your location, inform affected candidates and offer them a free deferral or full refund. We would appreciate it if you would not inform candidates or in any other way publish the news until you have received approval of the cancellation from the Strategic Partnerships Team.

Can I insist that my candidates wear a mask even though this is not based on advice from local health authorities or government?

Yes, you may. However, please note that:

  • You should give enough notice to the candidates. We suggest that you send the notice with the timetable (i.e. 10 days prior) to the test day.
  • You should provide/have enough masks for each candidate on the test day.
  • You should check the recording quality for the Speaking sub-test; if it is not clear you will need to ask the candidate to remove the mask. If the candidate is reluctant to do so, please  inform them that this might lead to a resit or impact adversely on their Speaking score. The TDP in this instance will have to bear the cost of the candidate’s resit and OET will not make payment to the TDP for the testing in this case.
  • If a candidate doesn’t want to or cannot meet this requirement on the day, the TDP must meet the costs of any resit or refund for the candidate, as the case may be.

Our government and health authorities do not recommend it but one of my candidates wants to wear a mask anyway...

We are happy for you to allow the candidate to do so but please inform them that:

  • the mask must be removed and checked at all identification points during the test
  • if the sound quality during the Speaking sub-test is not good enough, the candidate will need to remove the mask. Should they refuse, please inform them that this may adversely affect their Speaking score.

We ask that you please check all masks and the Speaking sub-test sound quality both before and after the recording.

How does OET plan to manage the backlog of candidates when testing resumes?

We will be working closely with our Test Delivery Parters world-wide to increase venue capacities and frequency of testing to meet the backlog. We will have a comprehensive plan in place by the time it is safe for us to resume testing to minimise the negative impact not only on candidates but also on your business financials.

How often can we expect OET to update us so that we can stay informed as the situation evolved?

We are deploying a comprehensive program of regular updates for all of our partners. This includes updating this page and the FAQs as changes occur, as well as regular email communications.

In addition, we will be scheduling a monthly webinar with all of our Test Delivery Partners, beginning at the end of March. This is an opportunity for us to take stock, inform you of developments, and hear back from you regarding your concerns and suggestions.

For operational information, please login to the OET Secure Site for Test Venue Managers.