Complaints Policy and Process (effective 11 November 2020)

We welcome feedback from our candidates. Where a complaint regarding our service is received, we undertake to deal with that complaint effectively, sensitively and speedily. We aim to learn from complaints so that we can improve our services in the future.

1.0 Complaints Process

Please follow this process if you wish to complain about any matter relating to OET. Please refer to the OET Re-marking Policy and Process if you wish to have sub-test results re-marked.

2.1.There are two types of complaints:

2.1.1. Complaints regarding test day
If you are not satisfied with the way a test was administered or the actions of the venue staff, you must lodge a complaint within two (2) business days of the test being conducted by completing the OET Complaints Form. If you do not make the request within that time frame, we reserve the right to refuse investigating your complaint.

2.1.2. General complaints

All other complaints regarding any OET matters, including but not limited to OET test results, must be submitted within five (5) business days of the relevant incident. Your complaint must be submitted by completing the OET Complaints Form. If you do not make the request within that time, we reserve the right to refuse investigating your complaint.

This includes matters relating to:

  • test administration other than dest day delivery issues (see 2.1.1)
  • our service, including the application of our standard processes
  • test results other than result appeals (see 3.)
  • any other area of concern.

2.2.What does the complaint investigation involve?

Upon receipt of your complaint form our investigation will include, as appropriate, statements from other candidates, the Venue Manager, Invigilators and other Venue staff; review of seating plans and details of candidate identity checks; statistical analysis of responses and scoring patterns, etc.

The OET Complaints Committee will review all available information to determine the outcome of the investigation. The OET Complaints Committee is made up of OET Operations and Senior Operations Managers responsible for the delivery of OET.

2.3. What are the possible outcomes of complaints?

  1. Results processed and published – your results may be processed following standard OET assessment processes. Note that OET is NOT able to increase marks in consideration of any issue affecting candidate performance.
  2. Resit arranged – you may be offered a free resit if your complaint is upheld.
  3. Reversal of decision – decisions regarding Test administration may change as a result of further investigation.
  4. Report from investigation – you will receive a report by email outlining the investigation  and decision made by the Complaints Committee.
  5. OET continuous improvement – information regarding complaints will be provided to Venues and used to improve OET processes.

2.4.When can I expect a response to my complaint?

We aim to provide you with acknowledgement of your complaint within two working days.
We aim to fully investigate all complaints within twenty business days. Depending upon the nature of the compliant sometimes it may take longer to investigate your concerns fully. In these cases we will keep you informed of progress and let you know when we expect to respond.

2.5. How do I make a complaint to OET?

To make a complaint please complete the OET Complaints Form and provide as much information as possible to assist us in processing your request.

3. Can I appeal?

Any appeal against the outcome of the complaints process will follow the procedure set out in the Appeals policy and process:

  • You can appeal the outcome of the complaints process if you believe the decision was not arrived at properly and fairly.
  • You cannot appeal unless the complaints process has taken place first.
  • Appeal fees will be refunded in full if your complaint is upheld as a result of your appeal.
  • There is a $120 fee for the submission of each stage of an appeal: Stage 1 and Stage 2. For more information please see OET Appeals Policy and Process.