Important Notice Re HEE UKOTN Strand C Funding Initiative

NHS Trust administrators who are booking a group of candidates as part of the HEE UKOTN Strand C Funding Initiative should follow the special booking instructions here.

What you will require

Credit Card or Payment Details

The OET Centre accepts MasterCard and Visa. All payments are processed through eWAY or Stripe.

Your Identification Document

  • Identification documents must include a photograph
  • If you are testing outside your country of origin you must use your original valid passport.
  • Original documents must be used
  • If you do not have an accepted ID document please contact us
  • Documents must be valid on test day – expired documents will not be accepted

Please see here for what ID may be used to book and sit OET.

Booking Online

Test dates

OET has regular test dates in 46 countries. Some test venues fill up quickly, so please check venue capacity before you book.

Correct details

When you book, ensure your name, date of birth and ID number match your ID document exactly – or you will not be able to sit OET on test day. OET handles your data according to our Privacy Policy.

Changes or issues

Contact us if any changes need to be made or if you do not have the required ID and need an Authorisation Letter. In this case certified colour copies of three original documents must be received no later than the closing date for bookings.

OET Fees

Credit Card

The OET Centre accepts MasterCard and Visa. All payments are processed through eWAY or Stripe.

Third Party Payment

Choose this payment method only if an organisation or government department is paying for your booking.

Payments cannot be finalised until we have received the original agreement to pay.

AU$587 or US$455 (US$ pricing only for those sitting OET on computer in the USA)

  • in Australia includes GST

By booking this test, you agree that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement and Policy, and the OET Test Regulations.

Book OET on computer
Book OET on paper