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Anna Clarke


Planning for the UK to be your next career destination?

Focus on the UK The 23rd of April was St. George’s Day, the National Day of England. This also makes it a good opportunity to find out more about the country and its healthcare system. Although Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have independent national…
Language Tips

Don’t make silly mistakes with capital letters

Everyone understands how to use capital letters, right? Well, not always in OET. We all know the rule about starting a new sentence with a capital letter and for the names of patients. Using capital letters correctly for names of medical conditions…
Language Tips

Are you confused by ‘history’? We can explain.

The meaning of history A patient’s medical history includes both events in the past but also their current and future health. It is a cause of confusion for many students who, understandably, believe history can only have a past meaning. A better…
Language Tips

Are your patients ever vague?

Vague - pronounced /veɪg/ Vagueness is a common condition among the elderly. It can appear as forgetting appointments or not remembering whether lunch has been eaten or not. It can be an early sign of dementia. Vagueness can also be intentionally used…
Test Tips

Gain confidence in Listening Part A with these tips

Listening to you At the OET Centre, we get a lot of questions from concerned students preparing for the test about their answers to the Listening test. Listening Part A in particular. To soothe some of the stress from these and other…