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Work on your English and see the success it brings you

It is very tempting when trying to achieve something to look for the quick fix, the trick to make the result you want easy to reach. Just like shortcuts and quick fixes don’t often work in healthcare, they don’t work when studying for English.

Slow and steady wins the race

Imagine this healthcare situation: a patient needs to make some lifestyle changes to reduce their blood pressure. They promise to follow all the dietary advice you give them from tomorrow but only for 1 month. Or they promise to work on their diet making small regular changes to improve their diet over the next 6 months. Which would you be happier with?

Although the first promise might have the most significant impact it will not last and will ultimately be worse from their health than taking the slow and steady changes. The difference with the slow and steady changes is that they are allowing the patient to make lasting change.

The same is true for improving your language. Like making lifestyle changes, there are no quick fixes, it is something which needs work to have any significant and lasting impact.

Improving your OET score will take work

If you are trying to improve your OET score, then you need to work at it slowly and steadily. It will come – you have the motivation and the goal to make this happen – but not through tricks and quick fixes.

Make sure to use of all the study resources available to you from the official Preparation Portal and avoid websites and individuals offering you the quick fix – they are unlikely to be able to substantiate their claims.