Designed for healthcare

Prove you have what it takes to work in a demanding English-speaking healthcare environment.

Recommended by healthcare professionals

Research shows that OET is advocated by past test takers as the most suitable test for registration, employment and visa purposes.

Anna shares why OET is chosen by healthcare professionals

As a healthcare professional you know how important communication is in your job.  OET is designed for you, simulating real workplace tasks and testing relevant language skills.

“Since English is my second language, OET prepared me for the real world. As a nurse, communication is very important. It has made my life easier since I am now eligible for registration. It has given me the confidence to communicate with my patients and colleagues. It made me very proud of myself and raised my self esteem. All the preparation and sacrifices I made to pass the OET paid off and I am very happy for choosing OET.”   Sharmaine Chrisha Garde – Nurse

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A great test day

Test materials that reflect real workplace scenarios.  You’ll know exactly what to expect and feel more confident on test day.  Friendly staff who respect you as a professional.

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Confidence, new skills,
long term benefits

Walk into an English-speaking healthcare job and quickly gain the respect of your patients, colleagues and employer.  Use the skills you learn immediately, and for the rest of your career.

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Official preparation

Official preparation material you can access anytime, anywhere.  Fit preparation into your busy schedule and improve your ability to be your best in an English-speaking healthcare environment.

Who Recognises OET?

OET is recognised and trusted by healthcare boards and councils in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Many organisations, including hospitals, universities and colleges, are using OET as proof of a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in a demanding healthcare environment.