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Portland English Language Academy

Portland English Language Academy



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Test venue address

Portland English Language Academy 2007 Lloyd Center Portland, OR USA 97232


Free Lloyd Center parking all day. The closest entrance to our venue is at the northwestern end of the building near the corner of NE 9th Ave. and NE Halsey street. PELA is on the third floor.

Other Information (Food availability etc.,)

The Lloyd Center food court is just down the hall from our venue.
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 Mobility Facility

All rooms are wheelchair accessible and the restrooms are equipped to accommodate test takers with limited mobility.

Available test dates for this venue

Applications open: 30 Oct to 13 Jan
Results published: 27 Feb 2020
Applications open: 27 Nov to 9 Feb
Results published: 27 Mar 2020
Applications open: 11 Dec to 23 Feb
Results published: 9 Apr 2020
Applications open: 18 Dec to 8 Mar
Results published: 28 Apr 2020
Applications open: 8 Jan to 23 Mar
Results published: 7 May 2020
Applications open: 22 Jan to 5 Apr
Results published: 21 May 2020
Applications open: 5 Feb to 19 Apr
Results published: 4 Jun 2020
Applications open: 4 Mar to 17 May
Results published: 2 Jul 2020
Applications open: 18 Mar to 31 May
Results published: 16 Jul 2020
Applications open: 1 Apr to 14 Jun
Results published: 30 Jul 2020
Applications open: 15 Apr to 28 Jun
Results published: 13 Aug 2020
Applications open: 29 Apr to 12 Jul
Results published: 27 Aug 2020