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GPEX Hong Kong (Headphones Available)

GPEX Hong Kong


852 52812392

Test day registration time





Test venue address

Mu Kuang English School 55, Kung Lok Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong


Candidates can park within the school compound

Other Information (food availability etc.)

Candidates may take the mini bus to the MTR Station 10 mins away from the exam venue. There are great selections of cafeteria to dine in.
Public Transport links

http://www.mtr.com.hk/en/customer/tourist/index.php (Ngau Tau Kok or Kwun Tong MTR)

 Mobility Facility

Ramp and Elevator are accessible for candidates with mobility requirement. However, the test venue must be informed beforehand so that necessary arrangements can be made

Available test dates for this venue

Applications open: 30 Oct to 13 Jan
Results published: 27 Feb 2020
Applications open: 27 Nov to 10 Feb
Results published: 27 Mar 2020
Applications open: 11 Dec to 24 Feb
Results published: 9 Apr 2020
Applications open: 18 Dec to 9 Mar
Results published: 28 Apr 2020
Applications open: 8 Jan to 24 Mar
Results published: 7 May 2020
Applications open: 22 Jan to 6 Apr
Results published: 21 May 2020
Applications open: 5 Feb to 20 Apr
Results published: 4 Jun 2020
Applications open: 4 Mar to 18 May
Results published: 2 Jul 2020
Applications open: 18 Mar to 1 Jun
Results published: 16 Jul 2020
Applications open: 1 Apr to 15 Jun
Results published: 30 Jul 2020
Applications open: 15 Apr to 29 Jun
Results published: 13 Aug 2020
Applications open: 29 Apr to 13 Jul
Results published: 27 Aug 2020