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Top 25 most-read preparation articles of 2019

Top 25 OET Preparation articles

The end of 2019 is in sight and what a year it has been! To celebrate all the hard work, we all have put in, we’ve compiled a list of our most-read articles from 2019!

For many, there is still some hard work to put in! So, take a look through these and let us know which you found most helpful!

Top 25 Preparation Articles from 2019!!

1. 3 OET Writing mistakes to avoid

Our OET Experts came up with three common mistakes people run into during the Writing sub-test. See if you make any of these!

2. Understand how OET assessors score your performance and boost your grade!

Most people don’t know that they can read through the assessment criteria on our website. Take a look at this guide to help you understand the Writing and Speaking assessment criteria.

3. How to avoid dashes in formal writing

Did you know that dashes are informal writing and shouldn’t be used during the Writing sub-test? Find out how to replace them in this blog piece.

4. Use this simple but effective tip for Reading Part C

Reference words are everywhere, so it’s important to know how they are used in specific sentences. Find out how you can with this simple but effective strategy!

5. Learn when to use ‘following’ and ‘followed’ with this quick tip

The words following and followed may sound similar but using them incorrectly can have a huge impact on the accuracy of your writing. Find out when to use each in this article!

6. Use connectors to add clarity to your writing

Connectors are really important to the accuracy of your writing! We wrote an easy-to-follow guide to make sure you know how to use them. Check it out!

7. Do I need to ask the interlocutor the patient’s name?

We get asked this question all the time, so much in fact that we created a whole article on it! Find out the answer as well as how to demonstrate your relationship with the patient.

8. Improve you writing by using ‘to’ correctly

Just like a thank you from a patient, small things can have big impacts. The word ‘to’ is one example! Find out how to get prepositions like ‘to’ right in out handy guide.

9. How good is your knowledge of English?

Struggling with collocations? Take our quiz and work your way on becoming a collocation wizard!

10. Show off your English, not your medical knowledge in the Writing subtest

OET does not assess your medical knowledge, just your English language skills. We wrote a guide to help you understand the difference!

11. Have you got the stamina needed for test day?

You might think stamina is only important for sports, but high-level tests demand your attention for a long period of time. Find out how to boost your exam stamina here.

12. Learn how to write complete, accurate sentences from case notes

In the Writing sub-test, case notes contain most if not all the information you need to write a strong letter. However, they are written in note form. Find out how you turn these from incomplete to complete sentences.

13. 7 tips to achieving a high OET score with Kaplan!

Our friends over at Kaplan Test Prep put together 7 OET tips from their Official Guide to OET. Make sure you take a look through and let us know which you think is the most important!

14. Do you know how to get empathy right in healthcare?

Empathy is one of the most important aspects of patient-centred care in countries where OET is recognised. Find out what this means and how you can learn to show it.

15. If you really want to learn new words, use them NOW!

Want to learn new words? Want to expand your vocabulary so you can better communicate with other healthcare professionals? Follow this one strategy and you will be speaking like a pro in no time.

16. Why you need to take control of the conversation in the OET Speaking test

The Speaking sub-test is based on real-world consultations between healthcare professional and patient. Just like in real life, you need to take control during the sub-test to maximise your score. Find out how in this blog!

17. Simplify the answer options in Listening Part C with this strategy

One of the most read strategies from 2019! By simplifying the answer options in Listening Part C, you can make it easier to choose the correct answer option. Read through the strategy here!

18. 3 ways to improve how you take OET practice tests

Practice tests can be a huge help when studying, but only if they’re used correctly. Doing them over and over again without additional kinds of preparation can actually be bad for your score! Find out how to take practice tests correctly in this practice test guide!

19. Relax and you will do better in Listening!

Stress can have a huge impact on your performance when sitting the Listening sub-test. Use these top tips from our OET experts to stay relaxed and perform better.

20. Don’t allow your nerves to spoil your chances of success

Managing your nerves is known to help you perform better in high stakes tests. Find out how to do this in our mini guide!

21. Read the instructions when taking official OET Sample Tests

Sample tests are a great resource when taken correctly. Make sure you always read the instructions correctly before you take one!

22. Use the right Reading skill for each part of the Reading test

To score high on OET, you need to be able to use the right English skills on the right tasks. Find out how to do this in the Reading sub-test.

23. Do you know how to be clear when giving instructions?

If you have ever given someone an instruction but they haven’t followed it as you expected, you might need to think about clarity. Read through the examples in this article and start using the strategies for clarity today!

24. How easily can you swap from formal to informal English?

Don’t get caught using informal writing in your OET. Take the quiz and check if you are formal enough in your Writing sub-test.

25. The OET Guide to Scanning

Scanning is a major part of OET’s Reading and Writing sub-test. Find out how to do it correctly through this OET Guide to Scanning!

Keep an eye out for our Top 10 Q&A Questions from 2019 coming out later this week!