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Top 20 OET Preparation Resources of 2020

OET Candidate working through the Top 20 OET Preparation Resources from 2020It’s that time again, where we list the past year’s top preparation resources. Unlike 2019’s Top 25 Articles, this year we have included other preparation resources.

We’ve added our top viewed videos and guides as well as new sample tests and webinars. Look through the list below and let us know your top OET Preparation Resource from 2020.

1. New Official OET sample tests

One of our top pages was our new sample tests. We released new tests for all skills as well as a version of Sample Test one in the computer format. You can find them here:

2. Five things to do with your OET sample test answers

Finished a sample test? Find what to do with your answers here:

3. OET Masterclasses

OET Masterclasses our four of our most-viewed resources in 2020. The reason? They are the perfect start to any preparation journey. Not only do they set out what to expect in each sub-test, they also provide everything you need to start studying. Find a masterclass for each sub-test below:

4. Start for Success Package

Our FREE Start for Success Package is a great place to begin your OET Journey. Packed full of videos, lessons, tips and strategies, it has everything you need to prepare for OET.

5. How to take an OET Sample Test

Sample tests are a great way to understand OET. Look through this mini-guide which helps you approach the sample test the right way, whether this is your first one or you have tried other sample tests before

6. OET Writing Guide

This is your complete guide to the OET Writing sub-test. Everything you need to score high on all six assessment criteria.

7. Top 25 Articles from 2019

Since last year, close to 50,000 people have worked their way through this article! Take a look at what was popular in 2019 and compare it to 2020.

8. Connectors add clarity

Don’t miss out on learning about how connectors add clarity to your writing.

9. Guide to writing with Purpose

Writing with purpose is important in the Writing sub-test, which is why the guide is so important. It’s one of six that form part of the larger OET Writing Guide.

10. The best way to prepare for OET

An oldie but a goodie. Gives you easy to follow steps when beginning your OET preparation.

11. 3 OET Writing mistakes to avoid

Avoid these mistakes and maximize your score in the OET Writing test.

12. Rule for medication names

Learn the rules for which medications need a capital letter and which ones don’t (and why).

13. Learn about tense with the phrase “Today’s Visit”

Tense can be hard to master. But with this handy guide with examples, you will grasp it in no time.

14. Do you know the three OET letter types?

In the OET Writing sub-test, there are three-letter types but only one goal for all. Find out how to approach each type in this mini-guide.

15. (Video) How to take an OET Writing Nursing Sample Test (BRAND NEW SAMPLE TEST)

Learn how to take OET Writing with this video. Rebecca walks you through a brand new sample Writing test and shows you everything you need to know.

Watch the Medicine Writing Sample test video

16. (Video) OET Speaking Preparation | With OET Online

Prep Hour with Steve has become a fan favourite! Steve’s OET Speaking video has been watched nearly 100,000 times. Watch it below.

17. (Video) OET Speaking Role Play (Medicine): First Role Play

Ever wanted to know what role play looks like? Well, watch this video to find out. We also have a video for Nursing too.

Nurse? Don’t worry you can watch your profession video on YouTube too.

18. (Videos) All Stars Event

OET All Stars are officially endorsed OET Preparation Providers. We invited our best to take part in a live event with the aim to help healthcare professionals on their first day working in an English-speaking environment.

19. (Webinars) Writing Week 2020

Earlier this year, we launched Writing Week 2020 which comprised four webinars based on our new Writing sample tests. You can watch the nursing video below.

20. (Webinars) OET Speaking Week 2020

We ran four webinars covering everything you need to know to successfully role-play during the Speaking sub-test. You can find each of the webinars on our YouTube channel, see links below:

Watch Nursing Speaking Webinar

Watch Medicine Speaking Webinar