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Top 20 OET Preparation Materials of 2021

As the year ends, we’re looking back at the top preparation resources you’ve used throughout the year.

You’ll find a wide array of resources, including official videos, blogs and eBooks as well as All Star Live Lessons. So, if you’re interested in improving your OET Writing skills or find videos assets to improve your OET Listening sub-test score, make sure you take a look through our top 20 OET Resources.

1. Free sample tests

The top resource on our list is our collection of sample tests at almost 1 million views from the year. This year, we released new Writing sample tests for our 12 professions.

It’s a great way to see what the test looks like and get some experience taking OET.

2. (WATCH) OET Masterclasses

Our Masterclasses are in our top 5 resources lists for the second year in a row! It’s because these videos give you a detailed overview of each sub-test.

3. OET Writing Guide

The OET Writing Guide is a detailed guide to help you achieve success in the Writing sub-test.

Whether you struggle with Writing or you’re simply looking for something to boost your Writing skills, this is a great guide to get you to where you need to be. It contains tips and detailed explanations of the six criteria to make sure you are demonstrating everything the OET assessors are looking for to be able to give you a high score.

4. Official OET Practice Books

Our Official OET Practice Books were a top resource this year, with many choosing to study with the Official OET materials found within their pages.

Our Nursing Practice Book was the most viewed out of all the professions in the OET shop. Each profession-specific book covers all the sub-tests in detail.

5. How to take a sample test

Sample tests are good to see how the test is structured but you might be unsure of how to take a sample test to help you study. Our mini guide shows you the best ways to approach an OET sample test.

6. (WATCH) How to take an OET Writing Nursing sample test

Many of healthcare professionals like to use video resources during their studies and our OET Nursing Sample Test was one of the most watched. We’ve got videos on how to take an OET Writing sample test for the Nursing profession as well as for each of the other 11 OET professions. Watch the full playlist to find the video guide for your profession. 

7. OET Pulse

You can identify your current English level with OET Pulse – a preparation tool to help you understand where you’re at in terms of test readiness and what you need to improve on. It provides you with feedback so you can improve your skills!

8. Start for Success

Not sure where to start with preparation? Check out our Start for Success package. From videos, lessons, sample questions and answers, guides and more to use – you’ll be in a better position to achieve OET success.

9. OET Preparation Providers

Finding someone to help you prepare and keep you on the right track to achieving your desired scores can be a challenge. We have qualified OET Preparation Providers that you can trust to help you achieve success in OET.

10. Use connectors to add clarity to your writing

Our top blog from the last year was on connectors and we’ve just expanded it to provide you with even more explanations and examples. So, if you’re getting confused about connectors, our article on using connectors to add clarity to your writing is definitely a great place to start. It clarifies any questions about using connectors to add information to your sentences.

11. Ultimate guide to OET test day (OET on paper)

While practising your skills and building your knowledge is key to preparing for OET, you also need to learn about what you can expect on test day.  

Our two-part ultimate guide to test day for OET on paper helps you know what to pack to take with you to the test, how long the test takes, and more helpful test day information so your testing experience as smooth as possible. 

We’ve got guides for all test types: 

12. OET Study Guide

Released this year, our most comprehensive preparation destination is packed full of useful information and resources to help you studyThe OET Study Guide is climbing its way up the ladder of our top resources since its release this year. Use our study guide in your own OET preparation journey.

13. Do you know the 3 OET Letter types in the OET Writing sub-test? 

The writing sub-test asks you to write a letter to another healthcare profession. But did you know there are three different types of lettersFind out what they are and how this affects your letter’s introduction in this blog. 

14. What’s the best way for me to prepare?

Want a quick guide on how to prepare for OETFollow our 6-step plan for the best way you can prepare for OET. It’s a great place to start and as one of our top 10 blogs, test-takers think so too.

15. Top 20 OET Preparation Resources of 2020 

Last year’s top 20 OET preparation resources article has made it onto this list – being a popular blog for candidates to find our most popular resources of 2020.

16. Top 25 Preparation Articles 2019

Our top 25 preparation articles of 2019 blog remains popular and on the list since its creation. The resources on this list may also appear on this year’s list.

17. 7 tips to achieving a high OET score with Kaplan

Kaplan offers 7 tips to help sharpen your English skills so you achieve high scores in OET. With over 80 years helping students prepare for their assessments, make sure you check out Kaplan’s valuable advice 

18. 5 OET book reviews to help you with your test preparation 

OET Education expert Rebecca reviews OET preparation books to determine which books will help you, no matter where you are on your preparation journey!

19. (QUIZ) Test your English

Use this general English quiz as a guide to see if you might be ready to take OET.

20. Get more multiple-choice answers right in Listening Part C

Learn how to score high in Listening part C with these useful tips. The article is viewed because it provides a clear summary of how to approach the six multiple choice questions in each OET Part C Listening audio.