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Writing the right date in the right place

By 2 October 2017Test Tips

Writing the date


Where to write the date and which date to use are two very frequently asked questions in the Facebook live Q+A sessions.

Should it come at the very top of the letter or after the address? Should it be in full-form or numbers separated by slashes? Is it the date of the test, the discharge date of the patient or some other date?

If this is something that is worrying you, then the tips below are going to be very reassuring:

• The position of the date can be either above the address or below the address. It is normal to leave a blank line space between the date and address

Date (this position is acceptable)

Name of person

Date (this position is acceptable)

• In formal letters, it is normal for the date at the start to be written in full form e.g. 2nd October 2018 rather than 2/10/18. [Numbers and slashes is fine within the body of the letter] • The test materials are specifically written for the test date each month so the date to use is also the same date as the test. The test date will also be the date of discharge, most recent consultation etc. within the case notes.
• If you make a mistake in the test and write a different date or use numbers not words, DO NOT PANIC, this cannot fail you. The assessors are looking for your understanding of letter writing convention in English. It is much more important that a date is on the letter than that the date you used is correct.