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Why making the most of timing is so important in Listening Part B

By 17 September 2018Test Tips

Timing is important in Listening Part B

Use the timing of Listening Part B to help you choose the correct answer

There are 6 short recordings in Listening Part B. Before you hear each audio, you have 15 seconds to read the question and answer options. During this time, don’t forget to spend a few seconds reading the context sentence next to the question number. This sentence contains useful information such as the profession of the speaker and who they are speaking to e.g. colleagues, a patient etc. Spend the rest of the minute reading the question carefully and noticing the important differences between the 3 answer options.

As you are listening, you might like to cross out information in the answer options which doesn’t get mentioned to help you identify which is the best answer. You can also make notes if you want to about the content of what you hear but make sure writing doesn’t stop you from listening carefully enough.

At the end of the audio you have 5 seconds to shade in your answer on your booklet.

This format is the same for all 6 recordings. If you use the most of every second of the timing, you shouldn’t feel pressured.

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