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Unlock your memory to help you read more efficiently

By 10 September 2018Test Tips

The text type holds lots of helpful hints for finding the answer

How text type information can help you find the answer

For each Reading Part B question, the type of text you read to decide your answer is provided. The types of texts in Reading Part B are those you will commonly read in your workplace. As each text in Part B is short (around 150 words) you may not be given the whole text but a section of it.

Examples of the texts you might read are:

  • memos
  • guidelines
  • manuals
  • emails

It’s good to take notice of the text type as you read the question because it helps your brain to recall other examples of the same text type you have read. For example, emails follow a standard format which your brain remembers: reason for writing, detail, request/ follow up. Knowing the format can make finding information or understanding the main idea in the text easier.