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Have you got the stamina needed for test day?

By 15 February 2018Test Tips

Are you working on your stamina?

Stamina is really important for test day.

The test day format is:

  • Listening 50 minutes
  • Reading 1 hour
  • Writing 45 minutes

There are only breaks between each individual test to collect in completed papers and give out the next papers. You cannot leave the test room at this time.

This is a long time to concentrate in English and, if you are not used to it, will be a struggle to remain focused the whole time.

It’s good to practise each sub-test individually and try to improve your skills intensively.

It’s also important to practise each sub-test one after each other at least once a week.

Think of yourself as a long distance runner rather than a sprinter. You need to be able to keep going at the same performance level for the whole time.  You don’t want to reduce in performance because you are running out of energy and concentration.

Don’t take your stamina for granted, start preparing for long-distance and success right away!