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The warm-up part of the speaking test is to help you relax

By 27 November 2017Test Tips

The warm-up section of the Speaking test

The speaking test starts with a warm-up section.

The warm-up section is not assessed. When you enter the test room, the interlocutor will greet you. The interlocutor will play the part of your patient in the role-plays. They will check your ID and your name and then ask you a number of straightforward questions such as:

Where are you from?
How many years have you been a (name of your healthcare profession)?
Why did you choose to become a (name of your healthcare profession)?
What do you think makes a good (name of your healthcare profession)?

The purpose of these questions is to try to help you relax and become familiar with the interlocutor’s voice.

It’s helpful to have thought of some answers to questions such as these before test day so you don’t feel anxious when the interlocutor asks them.