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Make the most of your role card in the speaking test

By 16 October 2017Test Tips
Speaking role cards

Speaking role cards

For each of the speaking role-plays you are given a role card.

You keep the role cards for the whole time you are using them.

During the preparation time before each role play you can write on them.

Some things you might like to do in the preparation time include:

  • Underline or circle important words such as the adjectives which tell you how the patient is feeling
  • Write notes of questions you want to ask or things you want to say
  • Write the first thing you are going to say to start the role play

During the role plays you can look at the cards whenever you like.

You can also read sections again and write more notes on it but remember, stopping to read or write on the role card will affect your fluency if you are speaking. It will also affect your ability to listen to the patient (interlocutor) and then respond appropriately.

At the end of the 5 minutes, when the role play is complete, you return the role card to the interlocutor.

You don’t get to see the patient’s card. When you’re practising, it’s good to not look at the patient card either so you become familiar to responding to unexpected details the patient might raise.