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How to give yourself the best chance at Reading Part B

By 9 October 2017Reading, Test Tips
Slow down for Reading part B

Slow down for Reading part B

Reading Parts A and B require very different skills.

In Part A you need to use skimming and scanning skills under time pressure. In Part B you need to read for specific details which means being able to pick out small but significant differences between the text and the answer options or between the different answer options themselves.

It’s really important that you remember this. In the short gap between the 2 parts, while the invigilators are collecting in the Part A papers and giving out the Part B and C papers, consciously try to calm your brain down. At the end of Part A your brain will be racing. If you start Part B like this, you are going to make mistakes in the first few questions as you will be reading the information too quickly.

Don’t waste these early questions, take a few deep breaths and remind yourself silently to SLOW DOWN. Part B is not a speed test. Remember that you have 45 minutes to complete the questions in Part B and C. Take your time and focus on the details.