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Want to know a simple strategy for Reading Part A?

By 14 May 2018Test Tips

A strategy for Reading Part A

To be successful in Reading Part A, follow the 6 easy steps of this strategy.

When you start Reading Part A practice, read the titles of each text. These provide important information about the contents of each text and clue words which will be used in the summary paragraph.

1. Read the first sentence containing a gap. Read the whole sentence not just the words next to the gap.

2. Make a prediction about the type of word or phrase which is missing to complete the gap. You should be able to use your knowledge of English to decide if the gap should be a noun, verb, adjective etc.

3. Look for clue words within the sentence which direct you to the correct text where you will find the answer. Clue words could be the text type, names of people or places, numbers or words which contain rare letters in English e.g. x, z, j, q.

4. Go to the text where you think the answer is and scan for the clue words. DO NOT start at the beginning of the text and read quickly until you find a clue word. This is not scanning. Start anywhere in the text and scan your eyes quickly up and down, left and right until you spot a clue word.

5. Identify the word or phrase you need to complete the gap. Does the word type match your prediction in step 2? If no, you will need to change the word form of the words in the text to fit the gap.

6. Read the sentence again including the words you have selected. Does it make grammatical sense?


DO NOT miss out step 6. This is a major reason why students lose marks in Reading Part A. They forget to check that the words they think fit the gap make grammatical sense because they are rushing. It’s better to spend a few more seconds ensuring your answer is correct than waste the time you spent finding those works for zero reward.

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