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Why you need to take control of your time management in the Reading test

By 12 November 2020Reading, Test Tips
Time management is your responsibility

Time management is your responsibility

Time management is crucial in the Reading test

The timing for Reading Parts B and C is combined. You have 45 minutes to complete both parts. It’s very important that you manage your time carefully in Part B to leave yourself enough time for Part C. Different candidates will do this differently as there’s no rule about how long you should spend on Part B so don’t be distracted by what another candidate is doing.

If you think about it logically, there are 6 questions for Part B and 16 questions for Part C which works out at 2 minutes per question. You could allow yourself 12 minutes to complete Part B with this reasoning.

However, Part B questions have only 3 answer options to choose from while Part C questions have 4 answer options. Part C questions are more involved and require deeper understanding of the text compared to Part B.

With this in mind, perhaps allowing 90 seconds per Part B question, 9 minutes in total is more realistic. To keep things simple, you could round this up to 10 minutes to allow you a few more seconds on any question which you are not sure about. After 10 minutes you can then move on knowing you have 35 minutes left for Part C.

It’s up to you. No-one in the test room will tell you what to do. You can spend less than 10 minutes. You can spend more than 10 minutes. As long as you keep one eye on the time, you can make the decision on the day.