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Why you should always allow time to proofread your writing

By 11 December 2017Test Tips

Proofread your writing

Make sure you leave some time to proofread your work in the writing test.

You have 40 minutes to write your answer but you should include time to check what you have written within this time. The invigilators in the test room will tell you when you have 5 minutes left and this is a good reminder to stop and proofread.

There are a number of things you should check for when you proofread.

The best idea is not to try to read the letter as yourself or even the assessor but the person you are writing it. You will then be able to answer these questions:

• Do I understand why I am receiving this letter?
• Is it clear what the patient’s current situation is?
• Do I know what I am expected to do for this patient?
• Do I have all the information I need to provide this?
• Is the letter clear and easy for me to follow without needing to refer to the case notes?

Of course, you should also check for grammar and spelling mistakes. It’s good to know what you’re particular weaknesses are with these areas. Then, you can particularly check for these things which is quicker than checking everything.