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How the interviewer really helps you in Listening Part C

By 1 October 2018Test Tips

The interviewer can really assist you in Listening Part C

The Interviewer in Listening Part C will assist you answer the questions

One of the audios you hear in Listening Part C is likely to be an interview of a healthcare professional. The interview could be about work or research the professional has been involved in recently. It will be on an accessible topic for all healthcare professionals who can sit OET. The interviewer will ask the professional questions to find out more details about their work or research and their opinions on it.

Before the audio starts, there is 90 seconds for you to read the 6 multiple-choice questions. You will notice, that the interviewer’s questions indicate a new question for you to answer. This is extremely helpful as it keeps your place in the recording. You will know precisely when one question has finished and the next starts. Even if you find one question difficult to answer, you know when the interviewer asks their next question, it’s time to choose an answer and move on, with the recording, to the next question.