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Do you listen to a variety of English accents when you practise?

By 20 August 2018Test Tips
Listen to a variety of English accents

Listen to a variety of English accents

Accents of English

Millions of people around the world speak English but they don’t all sound the same. Even the main English-speaking countries such as the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa can have a wide variety within the same country.

The Listening test includes many different voices.

  • Listening Part A includes 4 speakers.
  • Listening Part B includes up to 12 speakers.
  • Listening Part C includes up to 4 speakers.

You will hear a variety of accents so it is good to practise listening to a wide range as you prepare for the test. All the speakers will speak clearly and be understood by you but if you are more familiar with one accent than another, without practise, you might feel less confident if a different accent is used.

A good way to listen to different accents is radio programmes from the different countries including:


The UK

The US