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Abbreviations will help you write more as you listen

By 19 March 2018Test Tips
Abbreviations can help you write better notes

Abbreviations can help you write better notes

Abbreviations and symbols are a useful way of helping you to write down relevant information while you listen.

They are also something you will use in the workplace.

While there isn’t a standard list of abbreviations and symbols which OET assessors accept, they are trained to be flexible. The best place to look for commonly used abbreviations in English is on the Internet. You can compare the most popular results and check that the abbreviations appear in more than one list.

Examples of abbreviations include:

BP                          blood pressure

N+V                       nausea and vomiting

info.                       information

gen.                       generally, in general

Examples of symbols include:

↑                           increase, high, up

↓                           decrease, low, down

→                         led to, result, consequence

<                          less than

It takes practice to be able to use abbreviations and symbols effectively, so you should start including them as part of your preparation now. Once you are familiar with their meaning and use, you should notice that they will increase your speed at writing while you listen.