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Follow the instructions perfectly for the best score on test day.

By 6 October 2018Test Tips
Follow the instructions to complete your answers.

Follow the instructions to complete your answers.

Do your best on test day

Each month, in the days leading up to the test, OET posts a message on Facebook saying ‘it’s your time to shine’. What we mean by this is that it’s now the time to show the assessors the best of your English communication skills. Having done as much preparation as you can: watching the Masterclasses, taking some sample tests, using the Start for Success pack etc. you can only do your best.

In September, OET launched the first version of the updated test. Leading up to this, we had offered updated practice materials, run candidate roadshows and Facebook Live Q+A sessions. We wanted to make sure that candidates understood the new test format and would feel comfortable taking the test. The feedback that we received from September candidates was completely positive. Candidates told us they could see the relevance of the new test tasks. They said the tasks linked to the work they would do as healthcare professionals once they were registered to work in an English-speaking environment. They said they liked the changes to the format as they felt it made it more accessible to them.

If you are taking the test today, you may have been feeling concerned about the new test format and even waiting to see what the feedback from candidates was. This is completely understandable because no-one likes change. The good news is our candidates have voted and reported that they like the updated test.

Follow the instructions to complete your answers

There was just one problem in September which we really want to help candidates taking the test in October and beyond to avoid. The problem resulted from candidates not following the instructions clearly printed on the front of the Reading and Listening question booklets. These instructions, which you can see below, explain how answers for Reading and Listening Parts B and C must be recorded:







These parts of OET are computer marked, so it is essential you follow the instructions exactly. For each question you need to fill in the circle of the letter you believe is the correct answer in pencil. This is the only answer the computer will accept. The computer doesn’t recognise lines, ticks, crosses or circling the answer. You will receive zero for any answers recorded like this.

In our official practice books and the sample tests available on the OET website, you will find similar instructions to complete your answers to these parts of the test. Unofficial materials may not have these instructions but they are inaccurate and should not be trusted.

On test day

If you are unclear what to do before the test starts or during the test, put up your hand and an invigilator will help you. Make sure you have a 2B pencil and an eraser in your test-day stationery kit. The eraser will allow you to erase any answer you later decide is incorrect and enter a new answer.