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How to apply for special requirements in the OET

By 13 November 2017Test Tips
apply for special requirements

apply for special requirements

Some candidates have a pre-existing condition which might impact their performance on test day. This might include, among other things:

  • needing to go to the toilet
  • taking medication
  • eating snacks
  • listening to the audio at loud volume
  • standing to break long periods of sitting.

OET does its best to accommodate students who have a genuine medical or personal reason for needing special requirements.

To request special arrangements, you need to submit a form to OET no later than the closing date for registrations for the test you wish to sit. If you sit the test more than once, you need to submit the form each time. With the form you need to attach relevant supporting documentation e.g. from a doctor.

Ordinarily all candidates can take a small, clear-plastic bottle of water into the test room but no snacks. Candidates can request to visit the toilet during the Reading Part B and Writing tests but not within the first and last 10 minutes of each test. No extra time is given if candidates visit the toilet.