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Do you know how to record your answers for Reading Part B?

By 4 December 2017Test Tips

Answer sheet for Reading Part B

Reading Part B is the only part of the test that you have to complete in pencil.

This is because it is the only part of the test marked by computer. You complete your answers on the answer sheet which are scanned into a computer.

It’s really important that you complete the answer sheet properly.

You need to mark your answers on the sheet using a 2B pencil. If you are unsure what a 2B pencil is, go to a stationery shop and ask a member of staff to help you. The darkness of the pencil’s lead is measured in B grades and 2B is fairly dark which makes it easier for the computer to read.

On your answer sheet you will fill in your personal details before the test time starts.

This will also give you practice completing the answer sheet correctly. For each question, you will choose an answer option A-D and colour in the circle for that option. If you make a mistake, you can erase it with a rubber and then colour in the option you now think to be correct.

Tips for Reading Part B

  • Although there is a maximum of 20 questions for Reading Part B, you will see 30 question spaces on the answer sheet. Don’t worry about this, there will never be more than 20 questions in the test.
  • If you skip a question as you are completing the test make sure you colour in the right answer circle for the next question you answer. Otherwise you risk all of your answers after this point being incorrect.
  • Put your answers directly onto the answer sheet as you decide them during the test. You do not get any extra time at the end of the 45 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. You can write on the text and question booklet during the test but only answers entered onto the answer sheet will be marked.