[email protected]

A test that you can take safely
and conveniently at home

We understand that many candidates are interested in booking [email protected] due to the pandemic causing disruptions to testing at venues. We are currently continuing our work to get [email protected] ready for a full market launch later this year, and will provide you with an update by the end of May as to when bookings will open.

[email protected] is an OET test that you take on computer in your own home or other chosen location, via remote proctoring.

System requirements

Before booking [email protected], please check that you are able to meet the system requirements to successfully take the test. You can find the system requirements in the ProProctor™ User Guide.

Please note that OET requires a higher screen resolution than that mentioned in the ProProctor™ User Guide. You can find further information below.

System Checks

Check 1: How to set your screen resolution

Your screen resolution must be set to a minimum of 1920 x 1080 for you to be able to see the texts properly in the Reading and Writing sub-tests. Please note that the ProProctor system check does not check for the particular screen resolution required for OET. You must check for and set this yourself.

Windows 10

Mac OS Mojave or higher

To test that your screen resolution has been set correctly, we recommend that you try a free OET on computer sample test. Your screen should split so that you can view the text in the same window and at the same time as answering the question/s.

Check 2: How to download and install ProProctor

You will use the ProProctor application for Listening, Reading and Writing.

Check 3: How to download and install Zoom

You will use Zoom for the Speaking sub-test.

  • Click on zoom.us/download
  • Click on the  .exe file to begin the installation process
  • Open the Zoom Cloud Meetings app and click Sign Up Free to sign in with your email address. You must use the same email address that you used to book OET.


What is [email protected]?

[email protected] is a computer-based version of OET that candidates can take at home via remote proctoring.

What is remote proctoring?

Remote proctoring allows you to sit OET conveniently and safely at home, using your own computer, under test conditions that are managed remotely by proctors who understand the security requirements of OET.

It involves human proctors (also known as invigilators) checking you are who you say you are before monitoring your behaviour during the test to ensure you do not breach any OET rules and regulations.

Remote proctoring systems have security features such as limiting the functionality of a candidate’s computer (e.g. so you can’t access the internet or take screen shots).  Live human proctors do an ID check, and candidate and room searches prior to the start of the test.

When will [email protected] be available?

We are currently continuing our work to get [email protected] ready for a full market launch later this year, and will provide you with an update by the end of May as to when bookings will open.

In the meantime, there are plenty of seats available testing at venues, which you can book here.

Will OET continue to run tests on paper?

Yes, you can still take OET on paper if there is a venue offering paper-based testing near you. OET is now offered in three different delivery modes:

  • OET on paper – the test of choice for healthcare professionals for the past 30 years
  • OET on computer at test venues – the same test you know and love but on computer
  • [email protected] – the same test you know and love but on computer in your own home.

How is [email protected] different to OET on paper?

They are the same test, with the same test tasks, format and timings. The only difference is where you will sit the test; with [email protected] you will take the test on computer at home or any other location you choose.

How often does [email protected] run?

[email protected] runs on all the same test dates as OET on paper. See test dates.

Can I sit OET from home?

Yes, provided you are able to meet the necessary system requirements and pass the system checks in the videos above.

Can I change my test booking from OET on paper to [email protected] or vice versa?

Yes, you may change your booking from one delivery mode to another. However, please note that you will need to pay a deferral/ rescheduling fee.

To reschedule from OET on paper to [email protected]
To reschedule from [email protected] to OET on paper

Please contact our Support team for assistance.

How much does [email protected] cost?

The test costs the same as OET on paper.

Is the [email protected] test format different?

No, the test tasks, format and timings are the same as with OET on paper. It is the same test so the level of English assessed will also remain the same.

Will [email protected] be harder or easier than the paper-based test?

It is the same test, so it is no harder or easier. The test will be marked according to the same assessment criteria.

Is [email protected] available for all 12 OET healthcare professions?

[email protected] currently only be available for Medicine and Nursing. We will introduce [email protected] for other professions once this test delivery mode is accepted by the relevant healthcare boards and councils.

Will there be any changes to assessment i.e. will candidates have access to functions such as spell checker, copy and paste with [email protected]?

No, the test will be the same to ensure both are a reliable and valid measure of a candidate’s skills in each skill area. To see what the OET on computer experience is like, please see here.

Can I still sit just one sub-test?

No, you must take all four sub-tests.

Can I club results from OET on paper and OET on computer or [email protected]?

Please check this with the organisation to which you are applying.

How do I book [email protected]?

Please book your test via the OET website.

Is [email protected] accepted by regulators?

[email protected] is currently accepted by ECFMG for doctors going to the USA and by the UK’s General Medical Council and the Nursing and Midwifery Council. We are working closely with other healthcare regulators to get them to accept results from [email protected] and will let you know as soon as we have firm answers from them.

Is [email protected] available globally?

Yes, except for in Iran, where due to IT restrictions, we are not able to administer the Speaking test via Zoom.

Is there an [email protected] sample test so I can get used to how the test works?

Yes, you can find a Nursing sample test on computer here.

We are working to make a Medicine sample test available as soon as possible but in the meantime, please do try the Nursing – the Listening and Reading sub-tests are the same across all professions. The aim of this sample test is to familiarise yourself with how OET works on computer. For additional test tasks, please see our free sample tests.

Do I need to prepare differently for [email protected]?

No, the test involves the same test tasks, format, timings and level of English assessed. Therefore, your preparation for the test does not need to change according to whether you are taking OET on paper or [email protected]

We do, however, recommend that you try an OET on computer/ [email protected] sample test to familiarise yourself with how the test works.

I have a medical condition. Can you make any type of special arrangements to assist me?

Yes, we can. We make every effort to provide reasonable testing accommodations to give each OET candidate an equal and fair chance to succeed. Requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis before a decision is made, and you will need to provide supporting documentation, such as a medical certificate.

To arrange a testing accommodation, tick ‘yes’ during the booking process where you asked if you need any testing accommodations.

We strongly suggest that you book early to enable us to make testing accommodations for you.

What accessibility features does [email protected] offer?

The Prometric System that runs OET on computer has a wide range of accessibility features. Please note, however, that not all accommodations can be provided in all countries; accommodations vary by location.

If you require any testing accommodations, you will need to arrange these with OET and provide supporting documentation, such as a medical certificate. When booking your test, you will be asked if you require any testing accommodations. Tick yes and we will be in touch with you about your request.

We strongly suggest that you book early to enable us to make testing accommodations for you.

How can you be sure it's secure?

Prometric comply with a wide range of security certifications and have been conducting secure high-stakes assessments for similar clients to OET for several decades.

How will I sit the Speaking sub-test?

The Speaking sub-test will involve an interlocutor conducting the role plays as they do with the current OET.  The only difference will be that the interaction is done via Zoom, similar to the way many medical consultations have moved online in response to the coronavirus.

For full details, please see the OET Speaking Test Online User Guide.

I need to show the healthcare regulator results from one test sitting but I can't find a Speaking test on the same day as my Listening, Reading and Writing test...

That’s not a problem. All of the Speaking Test slots that you are shown when you make your booking are treated by regulators as part of the same test administration, even if they are a day or so before or after your Listening, Reading or Writing test.

What system requirements do I need for [email protected]?

You will need a laptop or desktop (i.e. no mobile devices) that meets the system requirements contained in the  ProProctor User Guide. OET, however, requires a higher screen resolution (1920 x 1080) than that referred to in the guide.

You will also need to do the following:

Why does my screen resolution matter?

If you do not have your screen resolution set correctly, you will not be able to see the Reading or Writing test papers properly.

Do NOT take [email protected] if you cannot meet the full technical requirements and system checks contained above.

Why are the system requirements on the OET website different to the ones on Prometric's website?

OET test papers are set out in a particular way that is different to other tests that Prometric runs. You must follow OET’s system requirements to be able to view the test papers properly.

Can I take [email protected] on a mobile phone or tablet?

No, you will need a desktop or laptop computer. For full system requirements, please see the [email protected] User Guide.

Do I have to take [email protected] on a desktop?

You will need a dedicated computer terminal.  Desktop or laptop are acceptable. For full system requirements, please see the [email protected] User Guide.

Can I use my mac for [email protected]?

Yes, you must be running MacOS 10.13 or higher. For full system requirements, please see the [email protected] User Guide.

What if I don't have a webcam?

You will not be able to take [email protected] without a webcam as the remote proctor (or in the case of the Speaking test, the interlocutor) needs to be able to see you throughout the test.

Am I allowed to use a headset/ earphones during [email protected]?

You may use a wired (i.e. plug-in) headset/ earphones for Listening, Reading and Writing. No bluetooth.

Headsets of any type are not allowed for the Speaking sub-test.

I don’t have very good computer/keyboard skills. Will this affect my results?

Our focus is on testing your English language skills, not your computer skills. However, if you are not familiar with using a computer or type very slowly, it may affect your performance and results. We suggest that you try a sample test in both paper and computer formats to see which one works best for you. You can then decide whether to book OET on paper or OET on computer.

How long will it take for results to be released?

Results are generally released 14 business days after the test, as per the OET results release schedule.

Who will mark [email protected]?

The test will be marked by the very same highly trained assessors who mark the paper-based OET.

When do bookings for [email protected] close?

Bookings close seven (7) days before the test administration date e.g. if your preferred test date is 8 November, bookings will close on 1 November.