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What healthcare
say about OET

Why choose OET?

Prove you have what it takes to work in a demanding English-speaking healthcare environment. OET is advocated by past test takers as the most suitable test for registration, employment and visa purposes.

Success Stories

Hear from healthcare professionals who chose OET

“OET has given me the confidence that ‘here I am, I’ll be acceptable, I’ll be able to communicate’… It has given me the confidence that eventually I’ll be able to fit in.”

Nurse, Muulo Siwila

“There has been a massive improvement in my communication with patients and with my colleagues.”

Nurse, Storms

“OET gave me the opportunity I needed to start my career in Australia.”

Pharmacist, Anna

“A test that evaluates communication skills is the best way to achieve my goals.”

Doctor, Reza Nowruzi

“I felt welcome and relaxed, it was a good atmosphere to do the test.”

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Gunnar

“Once I got my OET, I could apply for jobs and got interviews straight away.”

Doctor, Tin MI

“The examiner role played as if I am in the hospital talking with my patient. I would highly recommend OET for health practitioners.”

Nurse, Hardik

“Doing the OET is the natural thing for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals

Doctor, Branka

“OET is specific to your profession and helped empower me”

Dietitian, Pryanka

More Success Stories


Jennifer Li – Dentist

I need OET for my professional exam and registration; which is required every two years. OET is more of a professional related exam so I choose to do OET.

Mharicris Paunel – Registered Nurse

I can now apply with confidence in Australia or New Zealand. This is one of my stepping stones towards realisation of my dream. Knowing that I can communicate English with different people/ races is such a rewarding feeling.

Rafah Hijazi – Dentist

I started to prepare for OET because I plan to get an Australian qualification, after a while I felt that I was progressing in English and I could understand and communicate with Americans and British patients in my clinic better than before.…