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Study with your partner on Valentines Day

By 14 February 2019Test Tips

Happy Valentine’s Day! ‘The English-at-home’ partner 

Today’s OET study skill is a reminder to make the most of your significant other as a study resource. Whether this is your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, your partner can be a great asset to have around when you’re studying.

There are several ways they can help you. Take a look at how they can help below.

‘The English-at-home’ partner 

You can both agree to speak only English at home.

While this doesn’t specifically relate to OET, making English part of your everyday will help increase how comfortable, confident and fluent you are speaking it.

The ‘role-play’ partner

Your partner can take the role of the patient/ carer when you want to practise role-play tasks.

It’s helpful if they speak to you just like a real patient would.

If the role card says the patient is frustrated or nervous then you want your partner to behave this way. If they don’t understand something you have told them, they should ask you to clarify.

This will help you get experience of what it will be like on test day.

The ‘listen and inspire’ partner

Talk to your partner about your study and what you feel are your strengths and your weaknesses. They may not be able to help you with them, but they can listen and encourage you.

Having someone around to talk with can help you figure out where you need to focus and even inspire you to work harder.

For those still looking for a Valentine, call up your friends. They can do all of the above too.