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If you really want to learn new words, use them NOW!

By 5 April 2018Test Tips

To learn vocabulary, use it!

How to learn vocabulary

When getting ready for the test, you will be spending hours studying. In these hours, you are likely to record lots of new vocabulary.

If you really want to learn this vocabulary you need to follow these 3 important tips:

  1. Organise the way you write down vocabulary. One idea is to buy a small, cheap A-Z address book. You can then add new vocabulary to the relevant page. Soon you will have created your very own dictionary!
  2. Regularly revise vocabulary. Studies suggest you need to see/ use a word between 10-17 times before you can consider that you ‘know’ it. Take your list or book with you and look at it frequently: as you commute, while in a queue, while washing up etc.

And, most importantly

  1. Include new vocabulary in your communication straight away. To really learn a word, nothing beats using it. Start including new vocabulary in your spoken and written communication. You might make mistakes and someone may correct you but this is helpful correction. It will make the process of learning it even quicker as nobody likes making the same mistake twice!