The Biomedical Writer: What You Need to Succeed in Academic Medicine

Co-authored by a leading ophthalmology researcher and a professor with fifteen years of experience teaching writing in the biomedical sciences, The Biomedical Writer addresses ways to use psychology and neuroscience to equip researchers and clinicians with an understanding of how effects like priming, primacy, recency, framing, and apparent paradoxes can make or break your articles and grant proposals. The Biomedical Writer covers everything from making sentences readable, effective, and memorable to working with collaborators under unforgiving deadlines. Going far beyond the basic structure and content of manuscripts and proposals, this guide to writing in biomedicine also focuses on topics that include handling negative results and the most important and neglected step in submitting manuscripts to journals.

  • Addresses the micro components of writing in biomedicine, and how to write by anticipating how readers process information
  • Written by two researchers with complementary backgrounds and wide working knowledge of an array of fields in the biomedical sciences
  • Guides researchers in every field in biomedicine on to how to write persuasively and effectively